Fukuoka Prefecture.

Though Fukuoka Prefecture seemed to be my previous residence, I would like to say that I actually prefer it a lot better than my current: Thusly my introduction on this region. Kitakyushu, located strategically at the Northern spot of Kyushu (Fukuoka), is an energetic area thriving with Industrialism-- Which explains the high rates of anti-pollutions campaigns and recycling measures taken--, as well as an efficient transport hub serving as a link between Honshu and Kyushu regions. Busy as it may seem, it has been a good spot of convenience overall, with trains, ferries, planes, alongside bridges that served for better transport/traffic purposes. Crowded area, usually, on weekends and evenings. Weather-wise, it will begin to grow slightly colder from October onwards.  However, the region is better adored during spring season for its nature's exuberance.


South Carolina

Well where I live I'm not too proud...and yet I'm not too sad about it. I think it could use some improvements. Its very boring here in SC where I live. but for the country, I think we could make it alot better. People should help each other out more. They also need to get off their lazy rumps and actually do something. Not just say they will and then forget about it. I think America is getting fat. It bothers me because everyone is becoming unhealthy, which causes bad decisions.

- Anon 


I live in Anchorage, Alaska. Here you can see glaciers, mountains, and the ocean all at the same time. The sunsets and sunrises are beautiful for they can make gold, pink, and purple shine in the sky and off the clouds. It is very cold in the winter and yes it snows, a lot. And in the summer it rains and is hot (at least to me). In the cities you have to be careful because moose and sometimes bear, but if you leave them alone they will most likely leave you alone. My city is famous for being the place the Iditirod starts. My favorite thing about my home is the night sky, on a cold clear night the moon and stars are easily seen. It is fun to try and find the different constellations. Also if your luck you might see the northern lights dancing across the sky.

- Rebecca H. 

Wallingford//wallyworld//Or anything else you wanna call it.

What to say about Wallingford Connecticut... Actually I found out there`s A LOT that I could say. But none of it would be very good to me at least, considering on my opinion varies from time to time. Moving on. It`s a fairly decent sized town near the middle of Connecticut, Home of the ever-famous Choate Rosemary Hall [At least I thinks is pretty famous.] It`s very...Green, as I couldn`t find a good word to describe how many trees and sections of woods there are.

I don`t know if it still is, But Wallingford used to hold the record for the most Bars/Grills and Restaurants in a certain stretch of road on Route 5, The main road going straight through to it`s neighboring town; Meriden. Certain places have been used in movies, Also.

In all honesty, the people here aren`t very friendly. I blame that for the shear fact that it`s in Connecticut. We`re all quick to get things finished, and that`s basically how the town runs. There usually isn`t random friendly conversation to be had with the residents unless you come across the few that well...Probably haven`t lived here most of their lives. For a random note; if you ever decide to go through Wallingford for whatever reason you may have; Watch out for the Choaties [I.E; The Students from Choate.] Should you go by the school. They have a tendency to run out into traffic without looking to try and cross the street.

Despite the fact that it`s big, everyone seems to run into each other no matter what.

Our speech patterns are like that of normal `Yankees` [Because we can`t be original with names in Connecticut.]; And most if not everyone speaks relatively fast-paced and with run on sentences so we can finish everything in one breath.

I don`t have any pictures off hand, but I`m pretty sure there`s a wikipedia page on Wallingford, Last I checked.

Theres also some trailers for `The Other Side Of The Tracks`, A movie that was filmed in Wallingford-- On YouTube I believe. That shows a few woodsy, abandoned train tracks that actually run all around the town.

Eastern Kentucky

Pikeville, Kentucky is the home of one of the most energetic and lively festivals that I've witnessed in the entire life of traveling. Named Hillbilly Days, after the stereotypical trademark given to us southerners, grew to an outstanding organization to raise money for the Shriners Hospital. Speaking of which, the festival will be opening Thursday, April 17th and continuing through Saturday, April 19th; with the conclusion being a large parade composed of "hick-maxed" vehicles and other entertainment. I'm sure it'll be a blast!

This city is also the home of the famous cut-through project, which happens to be the second largest earth movement aside from the Panama Canal in the world. This also happens to be how Pikeville got it's motto "City that moves mountains." Granted, there are alot of mountains to move, as this city is nestled within the heart of the Appalachian mountains.

Being slightly closed and isolated by those mountains is, in my opinion, why most individuals never travel outside of the comfort zone that the mountains provide. In turn, changes that would occur in large cities, such as job and technological advancements, would take years to happen here. I remember back when the internet was first inroduced. My family didn't even recieve our first computer until my eight grade year. Even then, we couldn't get internet at home until I had graduated high school.

However, being in a small, isolated community also has it's advantages. It doesn't take long for people to get to know you and a sense of trust is built up rather quickly. Nevertheless, it doesn't take long for individuals to spread rumors; even if they're true or not. We've all been the victim of that atleast once in our lives, right? Advancing in jobs is also hard, as you have to know someone that has worked years in the company to get any decent position if you're hired. This is possibly why there is a lack in decent employment and unemployment rates are high.

The mountains, plants, and animals are all very beautiful, especially in the spring. When the blossoms bloom on Pikeville College's campus, the entire atmosphere seems so much more lively and colorful; which can make any bad day seem that much better. The weather is also another matter, as Pikeville has a diverse selection during the winter and spring months. At any given day, there can be a five to twenty degree shift in temperature, along with sun to snow shift in precipitation. The summers are usually hot and dry, while the fall months are windy and mild.

Now, picture time.

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Fishtrap Lake. This is a popular fishing area just ten minutes away from Pikeville.

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Downtown Pikville.

** I'll post more images soon!

W e l c o m e .

  Welcome to the livejournal community, commonage. This community was created as part of a college project involving everyone in the world as both a sort of out-reach and exchange of information on the region in which that individual lives. This can be in the form of photographs, quotes, letters, scans of objects, and/or a sample of the language or accent native to that particular region.

You, as both a viewer and a respondant, are entitled to your own opinions regarding where you live. It can be good or bad and you can even rant if you like; we're all adults here.

The goal of this community is nothing short of allowing everyone to exchange information about the country, state, city, or county in which they live. I will be making the first official post to the community by de-isolating myself from the region in which I live, to give you equal opportunity to learn about where I live in the process.

The second part of the project involves a hand-made book composed of selected portions of everyone's answers. If you do not wish to have your infomation added in the book, then please refrain from posting anything that you may find to cause trouble in the long run.

** If you do not have a Livejournal account, you can send me an email containing your opinions and images at seirei_inai@hotmail.com or jshadr00@pc.edu . I will post your information in this community unless the word is given not to.

Thank you, and I hope to recieve lots of responses soon!